The Meridian Lab is located approximately 5700 feet above msl, occupying 900 sq feet of room 301b of the Guggenheim Geography building at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The lab is equipped with:

  • 100 MB wired ethernet
  • Wireless Networking (a/b/g)
  • Computer Equipment:

  • Machine Name: OS Processor Cores Ram Disk
    Greenwich XP Pro 2.4Ghz Quad 4GB 250GB
    Rio XP Pro 2.6Ghz Duo 4GB 160GB
    Ferro XP Pro 2.4Ghz Duo 3GB 140GB
    Karlsrue Vista 2.2Ghz Duo 3GB 250GB
    M√ľnchen XP Pro 2.0Ghz Duo 2GB 80GB
    Paris XP Pro 1.8Ghz Single 1GB 80GB
    Athena Vista 2.6Ghz Duo 8GB 256GB SSD

Each computer in our lab is named for a historical Prime Meridian, with the exception of our web server (Greenwich) which is named for the current Prime Meridian.