The Meridian Lab pursues research to develop and evaluate new software tools for Geographic Information Science. Specifically, such software tools support:

  • Advanced visualization, which forms a basis for analytical cartography
  • Spatial modeling, which forms a basis for geographic analysis
  • Data delivery via the Internet, which forms a basis for distributed GIS

Our goal is to remove impediments to the adoption of information technology in geographical analysis, providing software tools to permit geographers and environmental scientists to focus more attention on their research domain, and less attention to the mechanics of current information delivery mechanisms.

We develop and evaluate software tools for:

  • Interface design and usability evaluation
    • Transaction logging, focus groups and surveys of Web-based GIS systems
    • Subject testing of graphical displays
  • Multiple representations
    • Map generalization and multi-scale views on spatial databases
    • Animation and multimedia presentation of geospatial data
  • Metadata recording and browsing
    • Automatic geo-referencing of metadata from existing catalog records
    • Establishing needs and requirements for geospatial metadata archives
  • GIS modeling
    • Determining sensitivity of GIS model outputs to data resolution
    • Distributing GIS processes and operators